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Computer Diagnostics 602-482-2422

Everything from your car’s engine to its power windows to its brakes are controlled by computers.  A computer diagnostic service allows us to identify and locate problems, such as faulty electrical wiring, that may be affecting your vehicle. 

  • DVD players and GPS locator systems
  • TV
  • Power seats
  • Power mirrors
  • Power antennas
  • Sensors
  • Radio and sound systems 
  • Check engine light
  • Service engine soon light
  • Maintenance required light
  • Emissions failure repair
  • Oxygen sensors​

Other computer-related services and solutions include

  • Throttle service: 
  • Electronic speedo and cluster repair
  • Computer rebuilds
  • Stalls, stumbles and no-starts
  • Evaporative emissions
  • Fuel injectors
  • Carburetors
  • Short circuits
  • TPS sensors
  • Map sensors
  • Windshield washers
  • Turn signal lights and switches
  • Head lights
  • Emergency lights
  • Security systems